MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ | Marina Abramović's historic performances on show at the Stedelijk Museum

MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ | Marina Abramović's historic performances on show at the Stedelijk Museum

The exhibition, curated in collaboration with the artist of the Royal Academy of London, presents recordings of legendary performances, photographs, videos, sculptures and live re-enactments of four iconic performances performed for the first time in the Netherlands: These performances, Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful (1975), Imponderabilia (work with Ulay) (1977), Luminosity (1997), and The House with the Ocean View (2002), are being presented for the first time in the Netherlands. Additionally, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in two works firsthand. The exhibition will include Abramović's earliest work from 50 years ago, as well as her well-known pieces such as Work Relation (work with Ulay) (1978) and Counting the Rice according to the Abramović Method. The upcoming solo exhibition will showcase over 60 works that present the development of the award-winning performance pioneer. The exhibition promises to be the most comprehensive on the artist.

  • Stedelijk Museum
  • Museumplein 10, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Paesi Bassi
  • 16 marzo – 14 luglio 2024
UGO MULAS | Ugo Mulas / Saul Steinberg's Graffiti

UGO MULAS | Ugo Mulas / Saul Steinberg's Graffiti

The exhibition Ugo Mulas / Saul Steinberg's Graffiti in Milan, curated by the Ugo Mulas Archive and Walter Guadagnini, will be in CAMERA's Project Room from 14 February to 14 April 2024 and recounts that event, re-proposing the entire decoration to scale from Mulas' photographs. A selection of about fifteen photographs - some vintage, others printed for this occasion - allow us to enter deeply into the work of these two great representatives of 20th century art, to appreciate Steinberg's iconographic fantasy and the poetic lucidity of Mulas' eye. In 1961, Saul Steinberg produced an extraordinary graffito decoration of the atrium of the Palazzina Mayer in Milan, commissioned by Studio BBPR, which was overseeing its renovation. An important work, which followed other similar undertakings by the great designer and illustrator in the United States during the previous decade. When the work was complete, Steinberg asked a young Ugo Mulas to witness the work, both in its entirety and in detail. To help the photographer in his work, the artist also wrote a short text explaining the iconography and meaning of his work, a reflection on the labyrinth starting with the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, the city where Steinberg had lived before the war. In 1997, the building was renovated again, and the graffiti destroyed: today, only Ugo Mulas' photographs remain of that splendid intervention, capable of restoring both the document of the work and its interpretation.

  • CAMERA-Centro Italiano per ala Fotografia
  • Via delle Rosine, 18, 10123 Torino TO
  • 14 febbraio – 14 aprile 2024
JOSEPH KOSUTH | Eight Years: Joseph Kosuth in Ghent from 1990 to 1998

JOSEPH KOSUTH | Eight Years: Joseph Kosuth in Ghent from 1990 to 1998

From 15 March to 20 April The University of Ghent will present Eight Years: Joseph Kosuth in Ghent from 1990 to 1998. It is a cross-reference exhibition of information on the presence of an American artist in a Belgian city: consisting of a spatial chronology into which are inserted texts, artworks, archival documents, and books, focused on the relationship between an international artist and a local art community, with mentions of the reciprocity between work, partnership, family and household, edited and curated by Gertjan Oskar and Wouter Davidts The exhibition Eight Years: Joseph Kosuth in Ghent (...) presents traces of Kosuth's presence and activities in Ghent before, during and after his stay in Ghent. Using an extensive selection of historical documents, photographs, press, publications, books, works of art and letters from both private and institutional archives, the exhibition sheds light on the forcefield between the international artworld and a specific locality on the one hand, and the private life and public work of an artist on the other. The exhibition shows that a contemporary art practice always develops in a complex network of international contacts and local players, but also always involves a social dynamic between artist and partner, family, colleagues and friends. Parallel to the exhibition, Joseph Kosuth realized a billboard for 019 and Artlead in the Ghent Harbour. Billboard Series #30 (05/10/2023 – 18/02/2024) Joseph Kosuth, Misfortune | Happiness, 2023

  • Rozier 1, 9000 Gent
  • 15 febbraio – 20 aprile 2024
GIAN MARIA TOSATTI | Group Show in Barcelona

GIAN MARIA TOSATTI | Group Show in Barcelona

'The Other Side' aims to express he concept of crossing over to the other side is experienced every night during sleep and dreams. From childhood, we learn that death is a mysterious and unknown place that separates life from this other realm. Our consciousness is limited, surrounded by an unconscious sea. Venturing too far into this unknown realm can be a one-way journey, where we confront our inner demons. It appears that there are multiple perspectives, including this one, rather than just one. However, there is also a growing sense that this perspective may not be entirely unique. The use of rigid and binary definitions is inadequate in describing the complexity that surrounds and permeates us. Categories such as man or woman, madness or sanity, and virtuality or reality can be limiting and destructive. They hinder our ability to move from what we are to what we aspire to be. Reality and fiction can become indistinguishable, and ultimately, there may be no discernible difference. The other side can be whatever you desire, or rather, everything that you do not necessarily want, but still desire. For a moment, forget about the constraints of this side, the only one you believe you know. Disregard categories, reason, and logic. Ignore imposed labels and language. Forget everything you think you remember and venture into the other side.

  • Santa Mònica
  • La Rambla, 7, Ciutat Vella, 08002 Barcelona, Spagna
  • 29 febbraio – 2 giugno 2024
MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ | Abramović inaugurates a new monumental work at Usina de Arte in Brazil

MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ | Abramović inaugurates a new monumental work at Usina de Arte in Brazil

Entitled “Generator”, the work stands out for the imposing black wall with impressive dimensions: 25 meters long, 3 meters high and 2.5 meters wide, which can be seen at one of the elevated ends of the Plant. Furthermore, the installation incorporates large quartz stones from Minas Gerais, with the aim of promoting public interaction with crystals and their energy. “At this moment of turbulent human history, we live in a time of war, violence, poverty and warming of our planet. Rapid technical development has moved us away from nature and we have lost the ability to use intuition, telepathy and remember our dreams. We have lost our spiritual center. The function of the 'Generator' is not just that of a sculpture. It is intended for public interaction with crystals and their energy, in the hope of restoring our ability to connect with nature through stillness and presence in the here and now”, says Abramović, who believes that rapid technological development has taken away the people of the ecosystem and deprived them of the ability to use intuition, telepathy and remember their dreams

  • Usina de Arte
  • Rodovia PE99 KM 10 Usina - Santa Terezinha, Água Preta - PE, 55552-970, Brasil
  • 3 febbraio 2024
MICHELE GUIDO | Mudfulness by Michele Guido at the Museo Carlo Zauli

MICHELE GUIDO | Mudfulness by Michele Guido at the Museo Carlo Zauli

In his work, Michele Guido brings out the relationship between architecture, history and the image of nature. This gave rise to the 'garden projects', interdisciplinary projects based on formal analogies between the plant world and scientific research, their geographical origin, migratory flows and the cultural history of their places of origin. A work that I feel is close to the research on nature carried out by Carlo Zauli. The project also has an educational value with the involvement of some young students participating in the MCZ curators' course, realised in collaboration with the Fine Arts Academies of Bologna and Ravenna (Alice Arabia, Isabella Catino, Giada Miino, Giulia Petronio, Carolina Scalas) and the students of the IFTS course (Chiara Casalone, Katiuscia Urbinati).

  • Museo Carlo Zauli
  • Via della Croce 6
LIA RUMMA |  The ANGAMC 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Lia Rumma

LIA RUMMA | The ANGAMC 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Lia Rumma

On the occasion of Arte Fiera Bologna and the inauguration of Luca Monterastelli's installation at the Oratorio di San Filippo Neri, the National Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries has awarded the gallery owner Lia Rumma, one of the most authoritative figures on the Italian art scene, who has worked and continues to work with the international protagonists of contemporary art. Lia Rumma received the ANGAMC 2023 Award "for her passionate and constant work in research, experimentation and promotion of artists and contemporary art, and for the quality of her exhibition proposals which, in over fifty years of activity and extraordinary commitment, have confirmed the importance of the role of the gallery owner in spreading the culture of art throughout the world".

  • 2 febbraio 2024
GIOVANNI ANSELMO | "Giovanni Anselmo. Beyond the Horizon " at Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

GIOVANNI ANSELMO | "Giovanni Anselmo. Beyond the Horizon " at Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Gloria Moure, the curator, recounts the major exhibition that opens just a few weeks after the artist's death: "It is totally his creation, he chose the works and their dialogue, the layout and the texts". The exhibition brings together a set of particularly significant works that provide a comprehensive analysis of Anselmo's artistic practice, from his first sculptural experiments in the 1960s, in which he challenged the notion of fixed structure up to his latest work, 'While towards beyond the sea, colour lifts stone', a site-specific work for the Guggenheim Museum, which was not only specially conceived for the gallery space that hosts it, but was also made with limestone from one of the quarries still active in the Basque Country.

  • Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
  • Abandoibarra Etorb., 2, Abando, 48009 Bilbo, Bizkaia, Spagna
  • 9 febbraio – 19 maggio 2024
WILLIAM KENTRIDGE | Slade Lectures at University of Oxford

WILLIAM KENTRIDGE | Slade Lectures at University of Oxford

William Kentridge has been announced as the Slade Professor of Fine Art for 2023/4 at the University of Oxford. Kentridge, born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1955, is renowned for his drawings, films, theatre, and opera productions. His method combines drawing, writing, film, performance, music, theatre, and collaborative practices to create works of art that are grounded in politics, science, literature and history, whilst yet maintaining a space for contradiction and uncertainty. His aesthetics are drawn from the medium of film’s own history, from stop-motion animation to early special effects. Kentridge’s drawing, specifically the dynamism of an erased and redrawn mark, is an integral part of his expanded animation and filmmaking practice, where the meanings of his films are developed during the process of their making. The lecture series, titled 'A Natural History of the Studio', is scheduled to take place in person during the Hilary term of 2024 at the South School, Examination Schools.

  • University of Oxford
  • 75-81 High Street, Oxford, OX1 4BG.
  • 17 gennaio – 21 febbraio 2024

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