The Lia Rumma Gallery in Milan will present large-format photographs and a video taken from Vanessa Beecroft's spectacular performance in Genoa, the city where the artist was born, a few days before the G8 meeting was held.

For the performance, which took place in Sala del Maggior Consiglio in the Ducal Palace, thirty coloured models gave a carefully choreographed performance which lasted for three hours. The girls moved slowly within the large room of the palace. Their detached and imperturbable expressions, the layer of dark make-up applied all over their bodies and the large curly wigs that they wore gave them a uniform and extraordinarily osmotic appearance with respect to the impressive architecture of the room. The effect produced was that of a monochrome composition, altered only by a few details that provided touches of contrasting colours. The theatrical lighting contributes to the enigmatic suspense-filled atmosphere, highlighting the expressive charge.

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